Saturday, April 7, 2012

Doting on Totes

Finishing up some tote bags.  I finally sewed up this cross stitch and lined the tote.  Ironed and residing in my present box (a box I keep of unassigned makes and gifts I spied in shops that were too good not to buy to just have on hand).

I started on this tote three houses ago (oophs!) but its finished and ready for a new owner at some point.   I've attended two sewing meets over the last two months.  They're run by a really lovely Wellington lady and basically you turn up and sew for the day with like-minded individuals.  You need to bring your own machine and all your gear, so its a bit of a mission to get to and from the car!  Apart from that, its been great to hear the latest sewing related goss for Wellington!
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